Some thoughts on Housebound

“The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” – John Muir

The mountains are calling, and I cannot go.

There are breakfasts, and lunches, and dinners to prepare. There is laundry and weeding. There is work that must be done yesterday. There is a sick child who needs her mother’s comfort. There is a husband who needs to talk about his day. There is a friend who would like companionship.

It is 8 PM and I am wandering the aisles of the grocery store. My cupboards are bare.

Time flies, with agonizing slowness.

A sundial marks time with it’s shadow.

Far off in the distance, there is a beautiful light, touching the trees and hills of imagination.

My thoughts are dandelion seeds, that scatter on wind that is so much noise. And I am being blown apart.


This shadow, it will not come again. Through the mechanics of earth and sun, or vanishing with rain and cloud.

But. There are moments that I may take for myself. In between all these things – if I look hard, if I focus inward, I find worlds that belong to my mind only. And I learn how to slip into these fragments of time. And within these fragments, I am myself.


Words and Images © Monika Danos

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Housebound

  1. Seeing your photos here with the little stories you tell, makes me so happy. I am inspired to share my farm experiences after reading your blog.


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