The Crows

Some micro fiction, inspired by this pinhole photograph of crows.

The crows were banging on the chimney cap.  All day long they banged the chimney cap.  Clunk clank.  Clunk clank.  It was beyond irritating.

The noise made my cat pace.  To and fro.  First she paced in front of the fireplace.  Then she sat at the window, stretching to reach through the glass and pluck the crow off the roof.

I had been trying to do… something.  What was it? My thoughts keep slipping from me.  Slipping from me, then sliding up the chimney, snaking through the bricks like smoke.

Perhaps the crows are collecting those thoughts.  Charming them up, catching them like bright objects in their beaks.  And when the sky finally darkens at nightfall, they will return to their nests with these treasures.  Then my cat will curl into a nest of blankets and I, I will have nothing but the clunk clank echoing through the emptiness of my mind.

Words and Images © Monika Danos

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