Reflections on #Inktober2019

Inktober is a drawing challenge which encourages artists to draw every day for the month of October. Many participants share their drawings on social media, and I really love seeing all the variety of drawings in my feed during the event.

Official Inktober Prompts

Last year I couldn’t manage a daily drawing, so this year I set myself a few rules: I laid out a drawing grid like a negative contact sheet, with each drawing space approximately 6×6 cm square. Keeping the drawings small made the daily challenge less overwhelming. Sometimes I went all out with water color and ink wash. Other times a one minute doodle was all that I had energy for, and that was better than not drawing at all.

And I did it! A drawing every day in October, and it was really fun. I don’t think my skills improved, but that’s ok. And I ended up creating a little character called The Teacup Dragon, and I’m really looking forward to creating more drawings with it.