Experiments with knitting photograms

I love making cyanotype photograms – it’s a very tactile process that makes me feel completely involved in the image making. Selecting the items, arranging them, sitting in the sun while the paper exposes, and then developing the image; it’s soothing, therapeutic and can be very personal. I also find it incredibly hard. Finding items that are visually interesting when rendered as silhouettes is not easy for me.

Over the summer I was in a situation where I needed a lot of rest, which meant a lot of knitting on a rather tedious scarf. I try to approach repetitive knitting projects as meditation, but my mind does wander. And it crossed my mind that the lace weight yarn that I was using to create a soft, loose fabric might work for a photogram.

After one test print, I saw tons of potential for knitting based photograms. I ended up making a set using the scarf in different stages of completion. And I don’t expect to stop with these – I’m thinking about yarn and patterns in new ways and hope to continue making knitting photograms.