I’m very excited to have a little story in the upcoming Perseverance issue of Let’s Explore Magazine. I won’t spoil the surprise by sharing any of the images or text from my submission. But I will tell you that my story is about a small seed that was planted a little while ago; and that my Housebound project is a shoot from the seedling that took root.

Let’s Explore Magazine is accepting pre-orders for another week or so – and there are early bird goodies!


Sticker Collection


Introducing my first illustrated sticker collection. Reproduction of original artwork – watercolor markers and pen on paper.

Stickers are 3″ Circle (or Square) / Vinyl / UV Coated. Will stand up to sun, rain, wind, and scratches.


Large Format Kite
When the wind picks up, hang onto your camera! A large format bellows makes a perfect sail… or kite!


Pinhole and Donuts
A long pinhole exposure is a good excuse for relaxing with a cup of tea and a doughnut – or perhaps it’s the other way around?


Snow Day
Skip the lift lines and the crowded ski slopes. A photo walk in the quiet, wintry woods is the perfect way to slow down for a spell.

All three are available for purchase from Shoot Film Co. or fill out the contact page to inquire about ordering directly from me.